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Speaking in tongues which I revealed in part one that is still refers to praying in tongues, brings SPIRITUAL REFRESHING.
” For with STAMMERING LIPS and ANOTHER TONGUES will he speak to this people.To Whom he said, This is the REST wherewith ye may cause the weary to REST;and this is the REFRESHING;… ” Isaiah 28:11-12.
Notice those two words “REST” and “REFRESHING”, How do the Rest and REFRESHING comes? It comes by with a STAMMERING LIPS and UNKNOWN TONGUES. To clearly understand this, it is fully revealed in Act 2:4 that it is revealing about the experience of being filled with the HolyGhost and Speaking in Tongues. This means as we are filled with the HolyGhost and Speak in Tongues it brings Rest and REFRESHING to us making us to be strong and not be weary.
For when you are tired which is, your body is no more responding to work due to the works you involved yourself with during the day, recommending a rest is what you may be told by your doctor either going for a vocation or having pretty sleep, this recommendation is good but it has a limit, it may work for you at that time but it cannot last forever. So the best Rest is only comes by you being filled with the HolyGhost and Speaking in Tongues. As you keep speaking in tongues you are quickened and Rest comes causing you to be refreshed. Do you know what that mean? It is means as Rest and Refreshing comes, your health will definitely spring forth making you to live a stress free and sickness free life. Hallelujah!
The devil is working in other to make you restless and if he succeeded from that, you will live in fear and double minded and to shut him from not stealing your rest as a believer is to keep speaking in Tongues and from that Whatsoever you involved yourself to do for the glory of God will not bring weariness. Embrace this Rest which brings Refreshing that God have given us.
Forbid not to be filled with the HolyGhost and speak in Tongues and if you are filled, speak in Tongues like never before.
For those who want to be filled, you need to be born again, For it is the Beginning of the HolyGhost coming to your life. Another thing is believe the necessities of speaking in Tongues which it is revealed for days now . As you are born again and believe the necessities for speaking in Tongues, you need to yield yourselves to the HolyGhost when you ask for the infilling, for when he come on you, he will not do the speaking for you, you are the one to speak and he filled you with utterances.It is not your English language neither is it the language you understand, it is an unknown Language. Sometimes it may be just a few words or many words when he come on you first, Speak those words and keep speaking it.
Say this prayers now ” Heavenly father I received the promise which is the HolyGhost with the evidence of speaking in tongues in Jesus name. Amen. ( Speak the words which he had filled you from within). Don’t have a double mind doing this. Calm down and listen to the Spirit from within you.Keep speaking what you are filled with.
– Lord I received Rest and Refreshing concerning my day as I yield myself to the HolyGhost in speaking in Tongues in the name of Jesus. Amen.( Speak in Tongues).
# Stay blessed.








These are basics for any singer and should be main requirements for Choir Directors who audition for members… Other things can come later.

1. Singers must be able to sing on key. If you can’t sing on key, then just forget it. You can’t join a choir. A serious minded one anyway. The key is the foundation of music. This rule cannot be excused away. Never accept someone who can’t recognize key. They will frustrate the team. You can send them to be trained but don’t take them into the choir. All your rehearsal efforts will be wasted in performance. And its not a demonic attack. You just took in a musical Jonah into your boat. Harsh but true.

2. Hearing must be on point. The singer must be able to follow chord progressions, recognize key changes and be able to reproduce notes at the right tone.

3. Singers must not and cannot sing off-note. If the melody of the song is m:f:s:s:d:d, the singer shouldn’t sing r:m:s:s:d:d

4. A singer should know his or her vocal range and should be able to sing his or her part to any given song. If an alto singer doesn’t know the difference between alto and tenor, rehearsal will be war because he or she will be cross carpeting without knowing and you know how frustrating this can be with time wasted as well.

5. A singer should be able to sing other parts when needed to. Being a soprano doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to sing alto or tenor which leads me to number 6.

6. A singer should be able to invert and switch parts effortlessly. He or she should understand the principles of inversion. How in a basic song where soprano sings the melody and others sing according to their natural vocal ranges, if a one-level switch occurs, sopranos go to tenor, tenors sing alto and the alto singers start singing the melody.

7. Singers should be able to modulate rightly without going off. At least be able to do the normal semitone and fulltone modulations then we can go to other types later.

8. A real singer cannot sing offbeat. Recognizing time signature, understanding grooves, knowing how to follow cues are basic for any singer. Singing off beat must never be explained away. Its a serious disease that can affect choirs performance. Understand metronome, know how to follow the hi-hat and the kick.

9. A singer must understand his or her voice. Be able to sing not too low and not too high. We shouldn’t easily hear the limit of your voice. Singing and having all the veins show and straining your voice isn’t so good. Understand your midrange and the sweet spot in your voice.

10. A singer must have accompanying expressions to any song. Each song has its own temperament. You take up the temperament of the song to effectively deliver the message. You don’t impose yours on the song. Express the song well. Don’t just sing. Music is nothing without emotions.

11. A singer should be able to score songs well and in time. Except your choir still does old school, I don’t think anyone should be accepted in a choir if he or she can’t listen to a song, score the part or the lead and deliver it excellently. If you can’t score at least 2 songs in a week, you’re still a lazy singer- my opinion. Song scoring is just too easy even for a banker. Scoring songs isn’t as tedious as we think. There are principles to scoring songs in less time.

12. A singer should have a rich music library ranging form old basics to new school. The library must cover all genres. This makes for a balanced and well-versed singer. You can’t be a serious singer and you don’t have songs. That means you’re tool-less and toothless. How so you refresh? How do you learn? I listen to everything from Hip Hop to Highlife to Apala to Rock to Negro spirituals. Balance is key. The music world is bigger than your favorite genre.

If you want to up your game in your choir you shouldn’t go below these 12 rules. From experience they are the basics. Riffs and runs can come later. Riffs are useless when the singer can’t sing on key. All other assorted vocal techniques are like condiments in a food. The food and the salt are the basics. Your voice is the food. These 12 rules are the salt.

Tommy Tush


You are what you say you are.. No one can make you who you will be except you! You are Awesome and Magnificent.. Always remember that..Never underestimate yourself because you are created for Greatness! Make up your mind for positive thinking only…
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The Rich marry rich people, they always copulate among themselves to preserve the genepool.

1) The reason some poor parents produce children who become poor too is because they make decisions out of need not strategy. Cowered by need, dignity is the least concern, survival is the ultimate strategy.

2) ‎The rich set up their children for legacy not back up plans. They strategically place their kids in places of influence, good schools, big clubs where they will meet their kind and populate the dynasty.

3) ‎Teenage years are the period for discovery: period you find out who you are. And thats what the world will pay for. Poor people don’t thrive because When their kids try to discover themselves, they shut it down in preference for the expedient. In other words, if it doesn’t put food on the table NOW, then perish the thought.

4) ‎Age 20-25, that period is a period for consolidating what you have discovered. You begin to network with people who would enable you become what you want to be. You get the skill, the talent and the exposure.

5) ‎By 25-30 you begin to make real money. You begin to build a profile that you are sustaining, you begin to roll with people who you would grow together to form your “values clique”. The quality of people you meet at this stage will be those you would ride with that would form your network.

6) ‎30-40 all the people you roll with would have likely graduated into similar wealth zones . At this stage you are no longer consolidating, you are now expanding your wealth.

When there are opportunities that your friends have they can easily meet you because they know the value you can deliver. But most people who don’t have those networks have to hustle their way through.

When you are in dire straits and you work your phones and after 20 calls you still couldn’t raise N20,000 that speaks volumes to the quality of the network you’ve surrounded yourself with.

And it’s important to know that you attract what you are!

There is nothing that preaches the gospel as powerfully as a changed life.

As young people today, I am telling this now because I want you to be deliberate about your growth. Dont wish for anything, grind for it. I want you to make a statement to Nigeria that “I would become a billionaire without stealing a bullion van”.

Thats why you need GRIT

Grit means passion to pursue, the energy to persevere, the desire, the unflinching effort, that thing that really keeps you going even when the results are not coming, because you know as you keep working the dots would connect themselves in the future.

The thing about grit is it wouldn’t let you give up. It’s a character trait that your generation lacks. You guys have straws for back bones. But as you knuckle down get better with what I do through grit and plump, Providence would reward diligence.

Some people want the things to be in order before they move, you would die where you stand. Grit makes you move because help is on THE way — the people who would help you, are on THE way to your success.

The time I spent with a certain legend of our time, who runs an organisation that spans the globe revealed him as man of discipline and grit. He had grit and to spare. He had a regimen he never missed. He would wake up at a certain time every single day and read, and wrote, read and wrote, prayed. He would stay for months at a time at his Ayobo campus following that regimen, when he emerged, he emerged with wonder!

Grit! The stuff champions are made of.


—Excerpts from Johnson Abbaly’s talk at SGC Leadership Training Programme 04/06/2018. Ideas worth sharing.

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olive praise is a gospel music song and writer, praise/worship leader.

He is touching lives for Christ, breaking chains through the power of God, seriously ministering for me is Grace… God is worthy to be praised.

He is a young anointed worshipper of God blessing lives through praise and worship. We call him small but mighty….

He keep on glorifying God for the season. Olive praise is a blessing to our generation.

Source: olive praise is a gospel music song and writer, praise/worship leader.