Speaking in tongues which I revealed in part one that is still refers to praying in tongues, brings SPIRITUAL REFRESHING.
” For with STAMMERING LIPS and ANOTHER TONGUES will he speak to this people.To Whom he said, This is the REST wherewith ye may cause the weary to REST;and this is the REFRESHING;… ” Isaiah 28:11-12.
Notice those two words “REST” and “REFRESHING”, How do the Rest and REFRESHING comes? It comes by with a STAMMERING LIPS and UNKNOWN TONGUES. To clearly understand this, it is fully revealed in Act 2:4 that it is revealing about the experience of being filled with the HolyGhost and Speaking in Tongues. This means as we are filled with the HolyGhost and Speak in Tongues it brings Rest and REFRESHING to us making us to be strong and not be weary.
For when you are tired which is, your body is no more responding to work due to the works you involved yourself with during the day, recommending a rest is what you may be told by your doctor either going for a vocation or having pretty sleep, this recommendation is good but it has a limit, it may work for you at that time but it cannot last forever. So the best Rest is only comes by you being filled with the HolyGhost and Speaking in Tongues. As you keep speaking in tongues you are quickened and Rest comes causing you to be refreshed. Do you know what that mean? It is means as Rest and Refreshing comes, your health will definitely spring forth making you to live a stress free and sickness free life. Hallelujah!
The devil is working in other to make you restless and if he succeeded from that, you will live in fear and double minded and to shut him from not stealing your rest as a believer is to keep speaking in Tongues and from that Whatsoever you involved yourself to do for the glory of God will not bring weariness. Embrace this Rest which brings Refreshing that God have given us.
Forbid not to be filled with the HolyGhost and speak in Tongues and if you are filled, speak in Tongues like never before.
For those who want to be filled, you need to be born again, For it is the Beginning of the HolyGhost coming to your life. Another thing is believe the necessities of speaking in Tongues which it is revealed for days now . As you are born again and believe the necessities for speaking in Tongues, you need to yield yourselves to the HolyGhost when you ask for the infilling, for when he come on you, he will not do the speaking for you, you are the one to speak and he filled you with utterances.It is not your English language neither is it the language you understand, it is an unknown Language. Sometimes it may be just a few words or many words when he come on you first, Speak those words and keep speaking it.
Say this prayers now ” Heavenly father I received the promise which is the HolyGhost with the evidence of speaking in tongues in Jesus name. Amen. ( Speak the words which he had filled you from within). Don’t have a double mind doing this. Calm down and listen to the Spirit from within you.Keep speaking what you are filled with.
– Lord I received Rest and Refreshing concerning my day as I yield myself to the HolyGhost in speaking in Tongues in the name of Jesus. Amen.( Speak in Tongues).
# Stay blessed.





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