The Rich marry rich people, they always copulate among themselves to preserve the genepool.

1) The reason some poor parents produce children who become poor too is because they make decisions out of need not strategy. Cowered by need, dignity is the least concern, survival is the ultimate strategy.

2) ‎The rich set up their children for legacy not back up plans. They strategically place their kids in places of influence, good schools, big clubs where they will meet their kind and populate the dynasty.

3) ‎Teenage years are the period for discovery: period you find out who you are. And thats what the world will pay for. Poor people don’t thrive because When their kids try to discover themselves, they shut it down in preference for the expedient. In other words, if it doesn’t put food on the table NOW, then perish the thought.

4) ‎Age 20-25, that period is a period for consolidating what you have discovered. You begin to network with people who would enable you become what you want to be. You get the skill, the talent and the exposure.

5) ‎By 25-30 you begin to make real money. You begin to build a profile that you are sustaining, you begin to roll with people who you would grow together to form your “values clique”. The quality of people you meet at this stage will be those you would ride with that would form your network.

6) ‎30-40 all the people you roll with would have likely graduated into similar wealth zones . At this stage you are no longer consolidating, you are now expanding your wealth.

When there are opportunities that your friends have they can easily meet you because they know the value you can deliver. But most people who don’t have those networks have to hustle their way through.

When you are in dire straits and you work your phones and after 20 calls you still couldn’t raise N20,000 that speaks volumes to the quality of the network you’ve surrounded yourself with.

And it’s important to know that you attract what you are!

There is nothing that preaches the gospel as powerfully as a changed life.

As young people today, I am telling this now because I want you to be deliberate about your growth. Dont wish for anything, grind for it. I want you to make a statement to Nigeria that “I would become a billionaire without stealing a bullion van”.

Thats why you need GRIT

Grit means passion to pursue, the energy to persevere, the desire, the unflinching effort, that thing that really keeps you going even when the results are not coming, because you know as you keep working the dots would connect themselves in the future.

The thing about grit is it wouldn’t let you give up. It’s a character trait that your generation lacks. You guys have straws for back bones. But as you knuckle down get better with what I do through grit and plump, Providence would reward diligence.

Some people want the things to be in order before they move, you would die where you stand. Grit makes you move because help is on THE way — the people who would help you, are on THE way to your success.

The time I spent with a certain legend of our time, who runs an organisation that spans the globe revealed him as man of discipline and grit. He had grit and to spare. He had a regimen he never missed. He would wake up at a certain time every single day and read, and wrote, read and wrote, prayed. He would stay for months at a time at his Ayobo campus following that regimen, when he emerged, he emerged with wonder!

Grit! The stuff champions are made of.


—Excerpts from Johnson Abbaly’s talk at SGC Leadership Training Programme 04/06/2018. Ideas worth sharing.

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